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... The second Death Star was still being build, so it was quite stationary. On the other hand, if I allow this, would it open the door to other starships being build? Quite the slippery slope. I'll take it under advisement and give my ruling tomorrow. Ancient Mariner, you may want to prepare a back-up entry.
The Emperor said the second Death Star was fully operational, and it still didn't go anywhere. And with the shield bein' generated by a source on the Endor moon's surface, I'd say it couldn't go anywhere.

And, while ya can speculate that at some point, they may have thrown an engine & shield generator on the damn thing and gone somewhere, they didn't. It got blowed up just like the first.

Meanwhile, no one seems to have a problem with Deep Space Nine, even though it totally changed locations from Bajor's orbit to the wormhole in the pilot episode. It didn't go anywhere after that, but it did move, under its own power, from one location to another onscreen.
Yea, since the Death Star (And Stargate) were allowed in, I didn't want to bring DS9 up, but, most definitely, of the 3, it has the biggest question mark.
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