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That seems thin ground to me. If you had argued Janeway just didn't know what she was talking about in her irrational state of mind, that'd have more credit. Food isn't organic? What the heck are you eating? And medicine would easily have to be as complicated on the molecular level as an eye given it's purpose is to modify the physical health of a person. I don't buy one being possible, but the other not.

And Tuvok refusing them? I mean do disrespect to the blind, but how exactly is a "tactile interface" going to operate sensors, scanners, phasers, shields, damage control and targetting as efficiently or even close as a visual interface? Just something as simple as a book is easily three times as bulky in braille as it is in print and that's no where near as complicated as an interactive computer display with multiple functions, features and live data. Not to mention a physical surface that can readily adjust itself would seem slightly power consuming. If there's not someone else who can do the job, then fixing one of those vaunted medical replicators or modifying another to do the job... which would seem to be high priority even without Tuvok's injury given how many wounded they had. Seems only.. logical.
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