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They have other reality shows that are "staged" more or less, but I think the fact that it was trying to show a scientific side which is what the channel used to be and instead just do this is what touched a nerve.

What bothered me the most was that during the whole thing they talked about finding video and footage and then they just recreated the footage. Why not show the actual ****ing footage? I don't care if you have to mosaic out a person's face, you can show the footage.

Such a bogus show. It was hilarious how the "sharp photographer expert" that was in it kept saying how he didn't believe it existed then during the show he kind of acted like he changed his mind, but by the "shark after dark" talk show that was held at 11PM each night during shark week he again said it was completely untrue and Megalodon doesn't exist. Guess he got his paychek for the Megalodon show and it was over.

The other thing that I found ridiculous was when they supposedly shot a tracker onto a big shark that was claimed to be megalodon right at the end and they go back and watch it descend.

Couldn't it just be sinking to the ocean floor because it didn't hit anything? They never talked about the speed of the descent or anything just that it was going down. Meh.

BTW, my Dad and brother both think Megalodon exists and its being covered up because they watched this show and I got calls from them the next day... double Meh.
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