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Now, here's a debate. The thing is, the first Death Star showed that it was not stationary. Why it was called a space station in the movie, I don't know, but for all intents and purposes, it was an admittedly huge starship.
Probably because the Death Star was originally supposed to be just the Imperial ultimate weapon, basically a planet-killing self-propelled space gun. All the princess-rescue stuff happened in the prisons of the Imperial cloud city on another planet (Alderaan, at that point). When they found they wouldn't be able to do all that they moved that action to the Death Star. My guess is they didn't know what to call it then, since it had prisons and Imperial higher-up conferences and all that, so they went with "battle station."

You're right, though, it's essentially a huge FTL spaceship ("Set your course for Alderaan"), and the ROTJ version will apparently be just as mobile once completed.
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