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Re: The Killing (Seasons 1-3)

Finally saw the finale over the weekend. The penultimate episode was so good that it made this one seem a bit anti climactic, but I still liked it a lot.

Yeah, the banter between Linden and Holder is great. She has gone from responding to him with blank looks and evil stares, to actually smiling. Their relation has been painstakingly built over 3 seasons and is entering it's prime. While teasing Sarah about her affair with Skinner, Holder actually called Linden "1-900". That cracked me up. Enos and Kinnaman have created two unique, multi-dimensional characters. Hope one or both get recognized by Emmy voters.

Count me among those who think that Linden once again got into a car with a bad guy because her main concern was not her own safety, but seeing to it that no harm came to Adrian. I think if that kid had been killed it would have broken her.

Callie's mom, who gained my sympathy over the last few episodes, just wrecked me when she stood on the bridge and closed her eyes and counted. That made me realize just what Callie meant to her.

Holder's response to Linden's kill shot on Skinner was partially based on the knowledge that he would not only live with the depressing thought that his partner committed murder, but also because he would cover for her, which he most surely will do. Boy, did Skinner deserve that bullett. Took Linden all the way out there just so he could goad her into doing what he was too much of a coward to do -- yet he somehow managed to muster the "courage" to kill children. Skumbag.

I'de love to see this show return, but I'm also asking; how much more can these two characters take?
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