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Re: Oberth Class the missing link between Enterprise and Reliant

There is the S.S. Beagle. A small class-IV stardrive survey vessel that had a crew of 47, which was either a Intrepid type, a Neptune class or Oberth.
Umm, why? It sounds a bit silly that Starfleet would be donating pre-2150s types for civilian use when civilians at that time could surely afford better. And the Beagle being an Oberth is at most a possibility - but what we know for sure is that she wasn't a Starfleet vessel, and all the Oberths we have ever seen have had Starfleet pennants on them.

Sure, there's the Vico, which some people want to treat as a civilian ship. But I don't really see why. She's got the pennants, she's got (dead) people in uniforms, she was "sent" to study the Black Cluster and subsequently lost contact with a Starfleet starbase...

Is the "civilian" identity of this ship based on there being a kid aboard? Doesn't work too well in the case of the E-D herself! Is it the NAR registry? Kirk's ride in ST6 had such a registry as well.

The Beagle is probably a never seen type. You know, the more, the merrier?

Then there's the Soyuz class.
Yup. What about it?

Timo Saloniemi
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