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Re: The least disliked episode of DS9 - Season Six

The Sound of Her Voice. It's basically an episode where all the characters get in a therapy session to talk about their problems. Then on top of all that, they're talking to someone through time who is already dead. Surprisingly the writers skipped out on continuing the dialogue once realizing they were talking to her through time. That would have been a neat idea (albeit exrtemely morbid). "Sorry, we've reached you, but you're dead and we're talking to you from the future."

A Time to Stand
Rocks and Shoals
Behind the Lines
Favor the Bold
Sacrifice of Angels
The Magnificent Ferengi
Far Beyond the Stars
One Little Ship
Wrongs Darker Than Death or Night
In the Pale Moonlight
The Reckoning
Tears of the Prophets
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