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Re: Elysium - grade/review and spoilers - also controversy

Saw Elysium over the weekend. I'd give it a B to B+. I guess I was hoping for more out of this film. Matt Damon was good in the film but IMO he's about the only one. What a waste with the talent they had in Jodi Foster. Her character was completely one dimensional. Villians a great in these types of films but please shit add some complexity to their character as to why they are demented. They missed a big opportunity to add a back story as to why she was an evil bitch.

As several have said, the plot has many holes. The biggest one for me is related to how Damon's character has the magical computer code to change everything. You'd think since the robots were so key to protecting Elysium they'd also have some kind of override or kill swtich.

Also, as other have said - more time batteling on Elysium was missing from the story.

On the positive side it was visually amazing.

Regading someone's comment about not telling us what year this was - meh. Trek was more guilty than Elysium on this. How many times did they have to reconfigure the timeline to fit into dialogue about what was going to happen into what actually has happened to humankind. So if I forgive Trek for this problem and being generally bad at predicting the future, I'll give Elysium this pass as well.
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