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Re: What you DON'T want to see in Star Trek 3

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No more Spock/Uhura.
No Klingons.
No rehashing of TOS/Movie stories and/or scripts.
No TNG/DS9/VOY elements (Borg, Q, etc).
No women just in their underwear (costume changes can happen off screen).
No bare arms (give the women proper uniforms wich displays their ranks).
No lense flares in emotional/interpersonal moments of the story.
No more emotionally unstable Spock.

There are other things I'd want them to drop (such as instant-warp, super duper transporters, and mammoth starships) but those things unfortunately look like they're here to stay.
I agree with all of those on your list except the Klingons. Why no Klingons?
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