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Re: Episode of the Week: 3x07 "The Enemy"

I disagree with your assessment of 'Aliens are inferior' in this episode. At this point in TNG the Romulans are basically the USSR. I don't see the Romulans' actions as being selfish and ego driven, I see them as being secretive and loyal to the state. It's not the same as the way the Ferengi are portrayed in TNG. There are several Romulans who are portrayed as individually decent, and it's just the political culture of Romulus that's the bad guy.

Also remember Worf gave the Romulan an opportunity to ask for his blood, and he replied 'I would rather die than pollute my body with Klingon filth'. If the Romulan had said 'Please give me blood I don't want to die', it seemed like Worf would have given it to him.

With this episode I focus on the way Geordi had to cooperate with the Romulan in order for them both to survive and Picard's handling of being in the position to possibly reside over the beginning of a war.
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