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Re: Episode of the Week: 3x07 "The Enemy"

And notice how Picard refuses to order Worf to donate the blood. He "respects" Worf's decision, so he leaves it to Worf. I guess that's the writers passing the buck to Worf.

I liked the episode because of Tomalak (sigh, so underused) and Geordi having some stuff to do without being foolish around women. But then, the episode was hurt by a Wesley ex Machina at the end.

I don't mind the new direction of Romulans. Heck, EVERY Trek alien species is a caricature/stereotype at this point, so why single out the Romulans? We never see TNG Romulans fall for such an obvious ploy like the commander in TOS' The Enterprise Incident ... well, Sela in Unification 2 was close.

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