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Re: ENTER: TV/Media Avatar Contest: DISASTER!

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Does this count?

Hilarious! It counts in my book!

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Unless I misread this ...
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it's a good avatar but my assumption is that said disaster still has to be featured in fictional non-science fiction media. Otherwise it would go in MISC
This one's on me. I wasn't specific enough in the description, so I'd say the avatar is fair game for the contest. Plus, I'd rather err on the side of being more inclusive, not less. If anyone thinks an avatar doesn't belong in the contest based on the forum, then simply vote for something else. My apologies for any confusion.

od0_ital, I like the second Jack & Rose avatar - with them falling into the crashing wave.
OK. I'm confused. Was it NOT your actual intention to include real disasters?

Because I can change my entry.
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