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Re: 22nd century star clipper...

While continuing to work on this design today I've also begun sketching out another concept.

I've never really liked the Daedalus-class design primarily because it looks like they basically took MJ's sketch and followed it religiously. As is it looks horribly awkward and ungainly---there's no grace to it whatsoever. Hell, even MJ's basic concept for what eventually became the Enterprise wasn't nailed down from the beginning.

There's a reason MJ rejected the spherical main hull: he didn't like it. Be that as it may I'm sketching out ideas for something along the concept MJ seemed to be going for without following his sketch to the letter. It's not enough to make a pre TOS ship look devolved and somewhat more rudimentary, but also to make it look decent in its own right---it has to have some coolness factor, some measure of the heroic to it.

My thinking is that my design would coexist with my clipper design around the same era. And from both you can see ideas that could eventually cross pollinate to become the more familiar designs of the TOS and TMP eras. My overall idea is to crank out a few somewhat key designs to indicate a kind of general evolution from the early S.S. Valiant era (I'm going to revisit that one) through to the TOS era.

- U.E.S.S. Valiant (to be revisited because it should look more rudimentary than the ringship Enterprise)
- U.E.S.S. Bonaventure (the TAS version doesn't work for, not for the era it's supposed to be, so I have another idea)
- Hercules-class star clipper (WIP)
- Independence-class (my take on MJ's sketch that became the Daedalus)
- Nova-class (my pre TOS Cruiser also based on an MJ sketch that seemed to be the beginning of his arrival at his final design for the TOS Enterprise)

Another design concept occurs to me. In "Balance Of Terror" they make a point of questioning whether Romulan spies could be operating within the Federation because of the perceived semblance of the BoP's design to that of Earth ships. I'm assuming the similarity is to Earth ships of the past rather than current designs (or at least that's what I get out of the reference). Granted the Romulans likely wouldn't copy an alien design in whole, but they might have be influenced with Earth design in principle---"These guys beat us with those ships so maybe it's a superior configuration we should emulate."

At any rate it strikes me that there could be at least one Earth ship design that could bear at least a passing resemblance to the Romulan BoP seen in "balance Of Terror," something that gave the Romulans the idea to copy the general concept.
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