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Re: So I'm Watching "Chains of Command"

It is interesting how the Riker character evolved, or perhaps more accurately, devolved. He was originally billed as the Kirk-style action hero, with Picard as the more remote figure head captain. Riker had a spotless resume and the strength of character to play the role that Picard wanted: tough when Picard needed someone to be his hatchet man and someone to soften the edges in his dealings with children. Riker peaked in BoBW, but after that, for the writers where could they take him? They had to start coming up with excuses for his reluctance to take the center seat, with Chain of Command making him look like an immature crybaby and Pegasus making him look like a self-serving opportunist.
Rikers later development didn't do the spotless hero any favours thats for sure. Just watched Second Chances and well...
Riker it turns out dumped Troi, to pursue his career pretty much out of the blue and after he had proposed to her. By the sounds of it not only did he not see her as planned on Risa but... he didn't even tell her in person. In retrospect its kind of funny that HE is the one who looks put out and Deanna is warm and friendly when they next meet in Encounter at Farpoint.
Better yet the episode showcases his treating subordinates like crap, with his treatment of Lt Riker, Think Jellico was out of order for dressing down Riker in ten Forward, that maybe he should have had a word in private, perhaps considered how jarring the new circumstance were? Well Commander Riker dresses down Lt Riker in the open, in Engineering and gives ZERO consideration to the unique circumstances....

Then warns Deanna to be careful, since if he was a douchebag eight years ago, then his other self probably is, and I can't help thinking that does indeed sour the relationship - TBF theres no reason why Troi should consider that eight years of being alone hoping to see his lover again would change LT Riker is some way

EDIT: And it just occured to me, that Riker going on about the women on Risa in "Captains Holiday" while Troi is present, given he stood her up there is in VERY poor taste.

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