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I love rabbits! Nice pictures. I also like the blueberry-picking ones.

I'm going to be in your neck of the woods next weekend. Fayettesville and Skaneateles (sp?), plus a day or two in Binghamton.
You are going to be real close, I actually live in Manlius. The first time my wife took me to Skaneateles, it's pronounced "Skinny Atlas" and I saw how it's spelled. I was like how do you get that, the pronunciation from that. There is a great Apple farm in Skaneateles called Beak & Skiff. They have a great store, with their own honey bees. They also have a winery, they make the BEST apple wine. I HIGHLY recommend that you stop there if you can. Have fun!
Cool! I was actually in Manlius, too -- my uncle's memorial mass was at St. Anne's Church. It's a pretty town.

I'll post some pics from the trip later.
St. Anne's Church is down the street from where our house is. We love the area, we have relaxed so much just being here for a few months. We love it!
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