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Re: Alternate History Movie Casting

^ Damon was a bit old to have played Jim Kirk per XI's script, don't y'all think?

The question is an interesting one. If a movie's one of your favorites, would you really want to mess with its casting? And if it isn't, do you really care? Anyhow, I've got a few suggestions:

- I've got nothing against Viggo - he's a very fine and soulfoul actor - but I've always kinda wanted to see Oded Fehr as Aragorn.

- Not a big HP fan, but Gambon should've been Dumbledore from the start. A legendary wizard that even Voldy was afraid of? In Chamber, Harris could barely speak above a whisper!

- It was far from a great movie, but even though Philip Pullman personally lobbied Nicole Kidman to play The Golden Compass' Mrs. Coulter, as good as she was, I'd have loved to see Rachel Weisz in that role. (Indeed, in the books, Mrs. Coulter is black-haired!)

- Speaking of which, I've previously admitted my fondness for 27 Dresses, which features a strong performance from James "Cyclops" Marsden, but I think Ms. Weisz could have brought even more depth and fun to the part.

- Someone on another board recently pointed out that the humans and arcade in Wreck-it-Ralph should've been live-action actors and film.

- Adam Beach as Tonto. Duh.

- And I hope that if they do bring back J. Jonah Jameson in the new Spider-Man series, they pull a Judi Dench in Casino Royale and bring back J.K. Simmons.
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