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Re: Gene Roddenberry's "Starship"...

Now that the Enterprise ringship has been featured in a recent movie again - - it starts to look like it's been (ab)used as some kind of "canon glue" to bind the known Star Trek universe to both of the “alternate” ones.

FaltorPan wrote a research article on the ship whose title allusions (“Spaceship of the Rings”) were almost prophetic considering the lore “One Ring(ship) to rule them all, One Ring(ship) to find them, One Ring(ship) to bring them all and in the darkness bind them”...

It appears the basic design goes back all the way to the TOS pre-production stage once you look at the corresponding Jefferies sketches from that era (thanks to Trekcore’s special gallery!):

Here is one where his “Jefferies shuttle” is attached to the bow of the primary hull (while his shuttle looks remarkably foresighted that many years ahead of the actual space shuttle, I think the rest of this sketch is really not one of his better accomplishments):

Seems to me that for the Starship TV series pre-production, Jefferies revisited these original sketches, but it’s difficult to tell what came first, the submarine-style “enviropod” for the crew or the rings of the ship.

This sketch obviously shows the new mission pod but still has the old engineering hull (looks pretty Klingon and derivative I’d say and maybe that's why this design wasn't pursued):

The other one shows the two rings but still features the shuttle at the bow:

They settle for the ring design (# 22) but are still uncertain which mission module / pod /payload they should use: The one with the shuttle (# 22 G) - - or the one with the enviropod (# 22 L) -

Looks like 22 L (enviropod) is the winner, we get a stern view - - and a blueprint with size indication, now that the final Starship design has been established:

This is the final design featured in Lincoln Enterprises’ mail order catalog, on the rec deck of the movie Enterprise (to show Enterprise XCV 330) and elsewhere.

Looks like Andrew Probert and Matt Jefferies really thought alike, Andrew had an interesting visualization for what the Liberty-1 from “Planet of the Apes” probably looked like in her complete FTL-drive configuration:!stor...=probertprints

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