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Re: the non-canonical doctors in TV/film

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There's some Canadian book series called "The Doctor Who Project" or something where it depicts an alternate reality if Doctor Who wasn't cancelled in 1989 and the classic series was still going today.
James Bow's Trenchcoat was the pioneering work in the genre. I believe the first issue of that fanzine came out in 1991. Trenchcoat presented itself as the Target novelizations of Edward Peel-Smith's (and later John Thaw's) seasons as the Doctor, along with fake Radio Times listings and newspaper articles. The Doctor Who Project is following in Bow's footsteps.
In the same vein the Bullseye Books series, with Robert Hardy as the Doctor, came out around the same time. Can't remember who did that now. In fact, James and me had a sort of friendly rivalry going about the whole thing, when we discovered we were covering the same sort of ground. (And indeed he even introduced me to one of his artists, Martin Proctor.) I always admire James for persevering with the project far more than I ever managed to!
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