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Re: Oberth Class the missing link between Enterprise and Reliant

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You do realize that there are other Oberths with names that have nothing to do with science?
I see, you were referring to other "Oberth Class ships" and not other "Oberths" (i.e. people with that name).

But regardless, my point was that from the 3 fathers of rocket science, 2 of these had been honored by naming an Oberth Class vessel after them, but not Robert Goddard, the third one (as far as we know).

I do realize there are other Oberth Class ships with names that have nothing to do with science, but I'm at a loss what it is you were trying to suggest with your remark (no necessity to name an Oberth Class ship after Goddard because he will be appropriately honored in TNG when they name a shuttlecraft after him?)

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