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Chuck Finley
Re: Breaking Bad Final Half Season

I'm not going to abbreviate, OH MY GOD! This was incredible, I did not see a confrontation coming right off the bat. I did anticipate Lydia attempting to reel Walt back in. When Walt began to walk away from Hank, I knew he wouldn't just let it go, but I thought he would be more coy about it. Walt just threatened Hank in full Heisenberg mode.

The Star Trek references were awesome and I think it was intentional that Beaver was screwing up his facts.

The opening sequence was quite revealing. At this point, the house is dilapidated and Heisenberg is written on the wall. A significant amount of time would have to pass for a house to be in that bad of shape. I'm thinking maybe a year or two. Obviously the cat is out of the bag. I almost wonder if Walt has faked his death at that point.

Jesse, well, I knew he was growing a conscious and obviously, he does not believe Walt. I'm glad they cut to the chase and we'll see things move along pretty quickly, I believe.
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