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Re: ST 3: ST's equivalent of Skyfall..?

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I don't care. I enjoyed both Trek 09 and Into Darkness.

It makes me sad that fans of all movie franchises are obsessed about not just box office numbers but financial minutiae as they are today. It wasn't always thus.

It's not the place of fans to judge movies aesthetically by the cold criteria of the market. That's a business decision. Let's not mix these two categories together.
Obsessed is too great a word. But one of the best things about being a fan is looking foreward to something new... That excitement, the first news, the first picture, trailer.. The only way to get that feeling again is when ST is succesful enough to ensure new ST to be made... If STID had bombed, a third film may not have been greenlit at all... So yes, the financial numbers are definately an important factor.
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