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Dorian Thompson
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Re: Breaking Bad Final Half Season

So.....the question is obvious. How long before Walt realizes that Jesse Pinkman is a threat to him? Hank he might manipulate into leaving him alone by threatening his career with the DEA, but Hank and Jesse have history, you know. Hey there, Jesse. Got a little conscience going on, Jesse? How'd you like to screw over Walt for a little immunity from prosecution there, kid? If Jesse even suspects that Walt poisoned his girlfriend's son, he has zero motivation to protect Walt, cancer or no.

Nice to see Jesse not buying Walt's bullshit. Jesse's no longer trusting, and he was never stupid. Him putting together than Walt never would have gone after Mike's men in jail if Mike were living was sound reasoning. I wonder if that poison Walt was getting out of the outlet was for Jesse. He's not going to a shootout with that, and who else is he going to need to killy on the sly? Will Walt stoop that low? I say he will. If that cancer goes into remission as the full head of hair indicates, Walt is going to want his happily ever after. or at least want to evade prison. Jesse can send him to prison.

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