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Re: Being a TOS fan back in the day...

Born in 1962, I was aware of Star Trek during its original run, but Lost in Space was the preferred show at the time. I became a fan of Star Trek in the fall of 1973 when one of our local television stations began airing the program weekday afternoons after school. At around the same time, James Blish began writing his adaptations and I would eagerly wait to buy each book as it was released. I can also remember buying the Franz Joseph blueprints of the Enterprise around this time as well. I still have on my book shelves the Blish books, the blueprints, The Making of Star Trek, The World of Star Trek. David Gerrold's book on the making of The Trouble with Tribbles, the Alan Dean Foster books and other Star Trek books that were published in the mid to late '70's. I also remember discovering Starlog magazine in the summer of 1976 and subsequently subscribing to the magazine for several years.
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