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Re: Kate Mulgrew - Orange is the New black

Tall Men With Feelings ... continues

It's less than 24 hours since Tricia was found hanging in the utility closet, and the upper class white girls are working in the electrical shop, untangling Christmas lights. (Its about 10 days after Thanksgiving.)

Piper has tried once again to call Larry... but the call "didn't go through" (he refused it). Nicky, gossip that she is when allowed, tells Piper that her fella will be on NPR tomorrow. Evidently Lorna heard it while driving the transport van and told Nicky. (Obviously these two have also "made up" after a brief but vicious verbal fight before Tricia died.)

Piper is flabbergasted...

Piper: Maybe he's cheating on me with Maury Kind.
Nicky: Then you'd BOTH be gay! So "post modern".

...and takes it out on the tangled lights. When reprimanded by Luschek, using a vulgar allusion to Tricia's hanging, Piper nearly goes ballistic. Luckily Nicky is there to talk her down ( Didn't your vacation on the sunny island of SHU teach you anything? ) Piper than asks why the prison isn't having a memorial for Tricia and can't accept Nicky's response so she plans to organize it herself.

She does ask for volunteers, but no-one shows up at the chapel except Alex, which leads to one of the funniest NON-Crazy Eyes lines of the ep.

Piper: (Looks up when the door opens, then sees its Alex) Oh.
Alex: Okay, here's some advice, when a girl makes you cum like I do... you should always act thrilled to see her.

(She's just a "little" full of herself, isn't she? )

The girls have a heart to heart which brings up unpleasant memories of another funeral, and nothing is settled about Tricia's service.

Back in the barracks, however, Big Boo, silent Norma, Lorna & Nicky are gathering in the white suburbs as food is dropped off... first by golden girl Chang, then by Gloria and the younger girls (Marietizia &?) , then by Poussey and Black Cindy.

We learned as they went through Tricia's belongings, that Big Boo finally got hold of Mercy by phone and reassured her she would set aside some keepsakes for Tricia's former lover.

Since Poussey was "kind enough" to drop off some "toilet hooch" the girls decided to have an old fashioned wake (sans guest of honor). By the time Piper arrived, most were at least "1 sheet" to the winds".

Piper: So this is what you guys decided to do... instead of coming to my memorial? Huh? (looks at Alex as she accepts the booze bottle) Get drunk?
Sister Ingalls: Which looks like more fun?
Piper: Point, Nun.

and soon after...

Piper: (Takes a swallow) Why is having a drink so cathartic sometimes?
Big Boo: Booze helps you process. At least, where I come from.
Piper: My family just yelled at each other when they drank and then pretended nothing happened.
Big Boo: Ahh. This explains the wide eyed, ice princess, uptight thing.
Piper: I'm not uptight.

As everyone laughs at Piper, they get a sobering reminder of the missing gust of honor as her effigy falls off the hook and gets (literally) hanged by a necklace.

Lorna is so protective/sweet to Nicky in this scene... again, I guess hard feelings have been set aside after the Bora x 3 ep.

Speaking of sweet, the woman who hated Tricia for taking Mercy away is positively saccharine about her dead rival, showing the Nun the book Tricia kept of everything she owed other people.

Big Boo: How's that for karma.

1. Hinduism, Buddhism. action, seen as bringing upon oneself inevitable results, good or bad, either in this life or in a reincarnation: in Hinduism one of the means of reaching Brahman.

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