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Re: News about early 2014 schedule

Wow I didn't realise that "Sarek" was post TUC but there it is on the back cover "After the events of STAR TREK VI:THE UNDISCOVERED COUNTRY". I suppose now thinking about it, it has Amanda dying and she was alive at least until TVH.

So this begs the questions that have already been asked:
1. Why are most TOS books set 5YM?
2. Why no Abrams Universe books?
3. Why are other Trek series books set after/before the TV series/movies (is that correct - I don't read them?)

Is the answer to 1. that there are people like me who mostly want 5YM, or because the timeline after the first 5YM is in debate?
Is the answer to 2. that Bad Robot wants to control the reboot universe :waves fits at Abrams:
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