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Re: Finished Watching ENT (Warning: Spoilers)

What I hate most about Ent's finale is they spent all that money rendering the Ent-D in CGI in all her HD glory, so much so that the rest of the ep becomes a bottle show and you don't even see any exterior shot of the NX-01 at all until the final shot of the entire damn series.

I love the Ent-D really, but when it came to the final threat of the series being shown with no exterior shots of the battle scene, just the aliens randomly showing up in the docking bay without seeing how the Enterprise was overpowered, it just seemed cheap.

The final shot should've been it warping off to new adventures too, not a glory shot around some nebula...

TBH I hate it all apart from the montage....
Showing Archer being the originator of the "Space....the final frontier..." speech instead of cutting away would've been a nice touch, but obviously they thought that was too good for this ep!
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