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Re: Kate Mulgrew - Orange is the New black

Tall Men With Feelings ... continues

Black Cindy is supposed to be helping Poussey in the library, but she's more interested in reading the horoscopes. They're okay (P & BC)... but I miss Taystee!

Don't you just love Miss Claudette?

Of COURSE her sign is Taurus.. or as Black Cindy says... "You a stubborn bull, all right."

She's still keeping busy in the library looking things up, despite already sending her appeal off to the Feds. Black Cindy reveals Miss Claudette's horoscope suggests she will get positive news soon... but Black Cindy was kind enough not to mention the paper she just used to predict Miss C's future was 8 MONTHS old!

Loved the scene the next day when Jean Baptiste comes to visit again. She's such a school girl when he's around, and so hopeful about their future. She even let him "seduce" her into playing the "what will I do first" game when she's released from prison.

I love it when Miss Claudette smiles.

She WASN'T smiling an hour later, after Larry's radio program plays.
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