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Re: So many Mirandas/So few Constitution-refits?

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"the U-boat captain reacted predictably, like a cornered rabbit.
And then he died predictably... ALSO like a cornered rabbit.

Tell me more about these deadly predatory rabbits that are capable of killing their enemies when cornered.
LOL. It's funny but it doesn't take away the fact that stern tubes were used against pursuers.
Which, like the teeth of a cornered rabbit, is not their intended use, nor is it even their typical use, and as per the examples you cited, turned out to be a highly ineffective use after all.

There are reasons why starships and submarines might be equipped with aft torpedoes, but "discouraging pursuit" isn't really one of them. In the case of submarines, it's mainly because there simply isn't any room in the bow to fit more torpedo tubes and adding them in the stern saves time for the loaders. In the case of starships, probably a time-saving measure where a starship attacking an enemy vessel can maintain offensive tempo while still maneuvering effectively in space.

The Klingons flew those battlecruisers for an even longer time. Perhaps they were took ticked off at the Romulans and Federation to buy a newer design as well
Actually I've been of the theory for a while that the bird of prey is actually a Romulan design that the Klingons bought/stole from the Romulans during the 23rd century, then reverse engineered and upgraded for a hundred more years. They probably got their battlecruisers the same way. The later Vorcha design might be their very first "indigenous" starship design.
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