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Re: ST 3: ST's equivalent of Skyfall..?

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Quantum failed because it was so erratic with it's action, ID was significantly better. But, I can see the parallels and I hope it to be true.
I agree. In this aspect of the comparison, Into Darkness was a significantly more enjoyable movie than Quantum of Solace. I thought Into Darkness was excellent, but Quantum, less so.

I think one thing that should be noted about Skyfall is that despite being a critically and financially acclaimed movie, it remained unapologetically reboot Bond. People were complaining that Casino Royale and Quantum strayed too far from classic Bond tropes, such as less gadgets, supervillains or class, but Skyfall marched on unperturbed and made the reboot style work. It did this through strong characterization and addressing the core of what Bond is about. This is what I hope the next Trek movie will be, something that fully embraces the reboot style yet makes it work in a way that is distinctively Star Trek. Not try to pander to classic Trek while missing the point.
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