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Re: Kate Mulgrew - Orange is the New black

Tall Men With Feelings ... continues

Tiffany Doggett certainly needs someone. She's in the Psych unit... actually she's in a large cage as a Psychiatrist AKA a "hippy dippy doctor" tries to interview her about her religious fixation. Doggett literally climbs the walls of the cage as she acts out, and we realize there's a good REASON for having the patient so enclosed. The doctor leaves to get a sedative as Tiffany rails that JESUS HAS MY BACK! and she doesn't need any drugs.

When we see her again... she is in 4 point restraints on a bed in a room that looks exactly like the cell Piper was in when she was sent to SHU. The doctor is there and orders another 5 mg of valium which Tiffany tries to refuse.

I thought it was interesting when the door to the cell opened and we see Flores walk by with a guard. Flores was the woman who owned the cell phone that was hidden in the bathroom stall, the phone Piper gave up in a failed deal to reopen the running track. Now we know why we haven't seen her in weeks.

Tiffany tries to reassure the nurse giving her the shot, that she isn't crazy. Then appears to have a crisis of that faith she paraded for the doctor earlier... "Jesus, where are you when I need you?"

The nurse isn't buying Tiffany's claims that she "isn't crazy", simply saying, "If you weren't crazy, you wouldn't have to work so hard to convince everyone you're sane.

What's so neat about this "Tiffany tied down" scene, is that it comes right after the scene where Suzanne/Crazy Eyes explains what the Psych unit is like, to Piper.

Piper: Is Psych worse than the SHU?
Suzanne: Way worse. Scary. Its Bold. Cold. Old. Its real bad. I wouldn't wish it on the worst gremlin.
Piper: But they give you a therapist.
Suzanne: No! Nope, I mean, they give me medication and make me calm... but that just makes me sleepy. Sometimes when I'm real upset, they tie me down like a balloon so I don't fly away.
Piper: That sounds horrible.
Suzanne: Yeah. NOBODY comes back from Psyche...except me.

The next morning we see Piper have yet another epiphany (to discuss in full later) and she goes to Caputo to tell him she orchestrated the fake faith healing to convince Tiffany she had a gift, then sent Tiffany into the bathroom her to exercise said gift on the unsuspecting teen. For her transgression, Piper was put on 2 weeks night shift janitorial service, and at the end of the ep we see a newly released, bedraggled Doggett walk into the cafeteria and into the arms of her friend, fellow Appalachian meth head (blonde Leanne).

It was the only reason why Piper smiled after Larry's radio program played that day.
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