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Re: Kate Mulgrew - Orange is the New black

Tall Men With Feelings ... continues

Let's review the timeline.

We are one day after Tricia's death and that death was more than 1 week after Thanksgiving. We know this because Piper kept complaining in the last ep that Larry had not picked up the phone in over a week. Of course she was complaining to the woman she was having sex with for that last week... ... a woman who was quick to point out to Piper that she didn't have the right to be "indignant" at his lapse.

You remember Thanksgiving, right? Healy threw Piper in the SHU for dancing suggestively with Alex in a well lit room with 30 other women and at least 1 guard in attendance.

Well, Piper hasn't seen or spoken on the phone with him since before that fateful day.

She has spoken with her brother at least once, and knows that Larry is busy prepping for a radio interview with Maury Kind on NPR, but she doesn't know when its scheduled to be recorded, much less aired.

There's a lot of missteps going on in the 2 main romantic relationships this week which I'll get to presently, but I first have to discuss one relationship that has disappointed me to no end in these last 2 eps.

That's right.

I'm talking about Polly.

Jeepers, girlfriend!

I KNOW you have given birth and are dealing with 2 am feedings and diapers and sterilizing everything that comes within 5 feet of your progeny, but where the hell are you????

Your best friend is in prison. She spent the holiday in solitary, and you don't call? You don't offer your shoulder to cry on? Your husband listens to her fiance record an interview on NPR about HER and you don't call to warn her about what he said? You don't call HIM to rip him a new orifice for the confidences he spilled on a national radio show?

Polly, Polly, Polly.

I am so disappointed.

Girlfriend, she needed you, and you weren't there.
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