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Re: Star Trek A To Z

A is for Admiral James T. Kirk.
B is for Bob of the Cetacean Institute in San Francisco in the year 1986.
C is for Constable Odo.
D is for the Dominion of the Gamma Quadrant. Solids beware.
E is for Empok Nor. It's spooky baby.
F is for the Federation Science Council.
G is for Garth of Izar.
H is for the Haakonian metreon cascade weapon used against the Talaxian people.
I is for Isolinear optical chips.
J is for the Janus star system, an abundant source of pergium for the Federation.
K is for K'mpec. Fat Klingon bastard.
L is for the Ligonians.
M is for Matter/antimatter reaction chamber.
N is for Nausicaan piracy. Aggressive and messy.
O is for O'Brien. Miles O'Brien. The hardest working man in Starfleet.
P is for Psi 2000.
Q is for Quinto. Zachary Quinto. The pretty-boy with the high-pitched voice that now plays Spock.
R is for Rand. Yeoman Rand. Had a damp spot for Captain Kirk.
S is for the Sun. Slingshotting around it at high warp is one way to travel back through time.
T is for T'Pol's bum. Fascinating; of course.
U is for Uranus. Seventh planet in the Sol system and Sector 001.
V is for Vinculum. The most vital piece of Borg tech that binds every drone's mind together. It's filled with glowy, green, magic Borg goo.
W is for Wambundu-class Federation starship. We never saw what one looked like.
X is for Xon. He was supposed to be Enterprise's new Science Officer. In another timeline destined to be featured prominently for years to come. Instead, dies in a pile of writhing goo in his second scene.
Y is for Yridian resemblance to scrota.
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