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Re: News about early 2014 schedule

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I think most of the post-TUC novels explain why the ship in still in service, which means you get this hodgepodge of decommissionings and recommisionings.
Well, the first three TOS hardcovers to come out after TUC were all set just after it, but each one handled it differently. Best Destiny started out with the ship heading for decommissioning, but the events of the novel led to that decision being reversed -- something I was amazed Carey was allowed to get away with in that era. Shadows on the Sun, conversely, had the ship coming in for decommissioning on schedule, in keeping with the end of the movie. But then Sarek completely ignored the end of the movie and had the ship still in service without any explanation.

Of the later post-TUC/pre-GEN books, Mind Meld is the only one where the crew is still serving together on the Enterprise. The Ashes of Eden shows the decommissioned E-A's destruction, and the ship doesn't appear in The Fearful Summons or The Last Roundup.
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