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Re: Nu!Trek and Romulan War

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True enough - being "from" Iowa might mean just having a residence there.
Or it might mean he grew up there even though he was born in space, just as it was in the Abramsverse timeline.

Timo wrote:
or perhaps Romulan space (which was the starting point of Nero's time travel, and typically Trek time travel doesn't take you to a different location)...
If they were in Romulan space why would there be a mention of Klingons, as opposed to Romulans?

Red matter black hole time travel appears to operate by different rules than some time travel we've seen before. Not only does the time travel create a branching timeline, but you emerge in a different location from where you started. Nero's group had to mathematically calculate where Spock would emerge, it wasn't as simple as just going back to where they came out. And since Spock and Nero had different emergence points, from that alone we know that at least one of them had an emergence point which was different from his departure point. So we know that, generally speaking, it cannot be assumed that in red matter black hole time travel the emergence point will necessarily be the same as the departure point.
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