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Re: Oberth Class the missing link between Enterprise and Reliant

Do you also know when the Archon was retired?
Hopefully long ago. We know the contemporary Daedalus class didn't serve for particularly long... Unless she existed long before ENT, that is, and somehow gained NX-style interstellar legs later on in her life.

For all we know this starship could have still been in service while new classes of starships had arrived and outdated this old starship. Would it still have classified as a "starship"?
No doubt. Why should Starfleet not have more than one type of starship in service at any given time?

Unless, of course, some really drastic development left all older types undeserving of this designation. But we haven't seen such giant leaps in what we have been shown of the Trek pseudohistory.

Almost seems he wanted to tell Dr. McCoy that this had been a starship once but was "old" (new classification "cadet vessel"?) which apparently is obvious because it had been downgraded to J-Class.

So she's not a starship because the characters say she is? So she's to be considered "downgraded" because of...what exactly?

Sorry, doesn't wash at all. And furthermore, has nothing to do with the idea that Starfleet would operate vessels other than starship, or with the fact that the very intent behind the Grissom was to show such a vessel.

If there's anybody who may be "historically" ignorant it's not Kirk
It's not as if he knows anything about the old Romulan War, for example. He thinks he knows something about 19th century United States, sure, but even that is a somewhat cliched take on it.

As for the opening dialogue of "Piece of the Action", well, Kirk has been frustrated in his attempts to explain "time lag" and even "galaxy" to Okmyx. It's pretty natural that he'd begin baby-talking about transporters as well.

"Hope you don't mind that little radioactive fallout because our antimatter confinement failed?"
If the ship can't be trusted not to blow up, interstellar relations is among the least concerns of the crew...

There are plenty of fan proposals what those lesser ships could look like, so I don't really see the big loss you are trying to propagate.
Why, your attempt to evict the one canonical, onscreen example of such in the movies from existence!

Are you going to categorically stamp out the fan vessels next or what?

the design link between Enterprise and Reliant
...And even there we disagree. Trying to find links is tantamount to stamping out variety, whereas the Reliant was specifically designed to create variety.

Timo Saloniemi
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