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Re: Early TOS novels

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On other hand, there was never any talk of changing Only Superhuman, which I always thought was a great title.
Although that title went through a journey of its own. My original spec novel about Emerald Blair was just called Troubleshooter, and I came up with Only Superhuman as the title for a possible indirect sequel set centuries later and revisiting some ideas from the Troubleshooter era. Then, I eventually decided that Troubleshooter was too vague and not sufficiently science-fictiony for that novel, so I renamed it Only Superhuman when I did the umpteenth major revision of it -- but midway into that revision, I realized the book just wasn't working and I needed to abandon it and start over from scratch. But the new novel that resulted was called Only Superhuman from the get-go.

I think the title that's come most easily to me, of my published works, may have been Forgotten History. That occurred to me in my first half-hour of thinking about the concept and it never changed.
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