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Re: Nu!Trek and Romulan War

In the script it's the Klingon Neutral Zone and the distance is 150,000 instead.
That wouldn't have been much of an improvement, in the sense that Klingons could certainly have been responsible for the space storm if the action indeed took place right next to their territory.

We don't know that Kirk was born on Earth in the prime timeline. He could have been born in space.
True enough - being "from" Iowa might mean just having a residence there. But Kirk lives in San Francisco at the time of the movies, and supposedly lived on Tarsus IV for part of his youth. So where does the special significance of Iowa come from? Is it some lengthy chapter in his middle years - or the site of his very first years after all?

I doubt it... they were in Fed space, after all.
That's where Kirk Prime had all his battles with Klingons, though.

Although what in the movie suggests that the Kelvin would have been in Federation space? As opposed to neutral space, or Klingon territory, or perhaps Romulan space (which was the starting point of Nero's time travel, and typically Trek time travel doesn't take you to a different location)...

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