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Re: Dark Territory: Staring Into The Abyss

Thanks CeJay,

I wasn't sure about the banter but decided to just keep it. I wanted to show that the Glover-Sisko friendship was still holding though it was being severely tested and I wanted to show the easy flow of the Glover and Dryer relationship and how she easily can mix it in with the guys. Dryer was such a great character created by David Falkayn for his Sutherland series and this story gives me an opportunity to revisit her time on the Cuffe. Dave graciously allowed me to use her and to create an important part of her backstory with her shipboard romance with Glover so I wanted to build on that a little. The cautious note you raise though is a good one.

Cutting down the number of people in the story hopefully heightens the tension and it brings it back-hopefully-to Sisko and Glover.
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