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Re: The least disliked episode of DS9 - Season Five

Doctor Bashir, I Presume... I just don't like they retconned Bashir's genetic enhancement. It would've been epic if they said from the beginning he had a dark secret in his past and Bashir was behaving accordingly, but no it was just thrown out there and left to deal with. Even Robert Picardo can't overcome the awkwardness of that and as for the B plot with Rom and Leeta... that was painful to watch at times, I actually thought Rom was masturbating when he was rubbing his ears watching Leeta... she should've gone for Zimmerman.

Apocalypse Rising
The Ship
...Nor the Battle to the Strong
Trials and Tribble-ations
Things Past
The Darkness and the Light
For the Uniform
In Purgatory's Shadow
By Inferno's Light
Ties of Blood and Water
Soldiers of the Empire
Children of Time
In the Cards
Call to Arms
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