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Re: The least disliked episode of DS9 - Season Five

This might surprise people, but I've got "Blaze of Glory" next. It's a great idea, but the execution is poor. I mean, Eddington as the hero? It doesn't work. He's not a sympathetic character, no matter how many times the writers tried to portray him that way.


Well, he wasn't a member of the regular cast, for one thing. He was always depicted as something of an outsider- DS9's answer to Will Decker from The Motion Picture- and drew the ire of fans even before he defected because he was a threat to Odo and because he tried to sabotage the Defiant. I don't know if the writers planned for him to betray Sisko and the others from the time his character was conceived, but he always came off as someone of questionable loyalty even before his true allegiance became known.

I think this episode would have had much more emotional value had Bernie Casey been able to reprise his role as Cal Hudson from "The Maquis." Hudson's character is mentioned as having died during a battle with the Cardassians, but it would have been nice for him to have an on-screen death. If nothing else, it may have provoked an emotional reaction from Sisko and also established a pattern that would continue once the war started- Sisko and other crew members losing close friends. Brooks did a nice job of reacting to the news about Hudson's death, but there was no other mention of the character following that scene. As Dax knew Hudson, it would have been nice had both she and Sisko taken a moment during the episode's final scene to remember their friend.


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