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Re: The least disliked episode of DS9 - Season Five

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Because it's an episode that makes everyone in it look bad, stupid, petty, incompetent or any combination thereof.
Thank you.

R. Star wrote:
As for my elimination... the Begotten. Literally an episode where they just decided to get rid of all the lose ends. Odo being a changeling and Kira's pregnancy. While Odo's arc with Mora was nice to watch, it was utterly predictable. The Kira/O'Brien baby and Shakaar and O'brien having a cock fight was just lame to watch.
This episode made me develop a strong dislike for Shakaar. I actually saw it before I saw "Crossfire," which made said dislike even more intense. It would have been nice seeing O'Brien cold-cock his self-righteous ass.

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