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Re: Dreadnought-Class Production Line (Spoilers?)

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Am I the only one that thinks III should feature a new-build, slightly less war-oriented version of the ship in standard Starfleet colors named Excelsior?
+1 Shame they didn't finish the STII/STIII homage and have the Vengeance be the Excelsior.

One thing that bugs me (a very very little, just sticks out now and then): What's up with the center cut out of the saucer? What purpose, beyond looking cool, does it server? Granted it makes the Vengeance look like something out of STO, but beyond that...well why?
The interior of the cut appears to contain several small shuttlebays, probably intended to house troop transports or fighter craft. That the bridge is in a pod in the center of this suggests that the "main bridge" is just one of several control centers there, with some lower levels containing a CIC and/or approach control tower to help direct local traffic (like the pri-fly on an aircraft carrier's island).

The large bays on the secondary hull may also be meant for fighters and shuttles but I would guess are probably meant to store hundreds of ground vehicles used by infantry units.
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