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Re: Over.100 channels.and almost no scifi

The other thing I've been noticing as I got older, is how a lot of stuff I use to really like watching when I was younger, looks kinda "cheesy" and quaint through the eyes of a middle aged adult.

Yesterday I decided to clear out some old stuff from my dvr. So I ended up watching through a bunch of movies, which I taped over the last two months or so. There were several Resident Evil movies, Demolition Man, some James Bond movies I haven't seen in in ages, etc ...

When I was younger, I really liked Demolition Man. But watching it now, I found the movie to be kinda silly and mindless.

Watching through the Resident Evil movies, they seemed like mindless action movies with a minimal plot. This was definitely the sort of thing I could have got into when I was younger. Today, not so much.
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