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Re: Dark Territory: Staring Into The Abyss

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Starship Cuffe
Main Bridge

There was no way Terrence could’ve prepared himself or his remaining crew for the explosion. The second the phaser beams and torpedoes connected with the Borg’s shielding, Cuffe was torn from its position and tossed like flotsam within a turbulent sea.

Terrence had to grip the sides of his console just to stay in his seat. Terrible seconds stretched out as the ship spun out of control. Glover marshaled dizziness and a lurching stomach as his fingers flew over his console in a frenzied attempt to right the starship. It jarred to a stop, almost throwing Terrence out of his seat. Bodies lie jangled in new places among the downed cords, melted plastics, and shorn metal strewn across the bridge.

Checking his readouts to see where the scout ship was, he slowly angled the Cuffe towards it. “Damage report,” he called out.

“Primary shield generators are inoperative, structural integrity field is down, and antimatter containment field is severely impaired,” Sisko called out. Glover’s heart welled up in his throat. Had his spur of the moment action got Nyota killed, along with his best friend and the rest of his crew? He forced himself to turn around, knowing that Dryer was no longer at her post, and fearing that her corpse would be splayed across her station.

Sisko stood vigilant at the tactical terminal. His soft gaze contrasted with his hard features. “Lt. Dryer took a spill and bumped her head Terrence,” he said. “I’m no doctor but I think she’ll be okay.” Glover breathed a sigh of relief.

“Thanks,” he replied.

“Though if we attempt something like that again that’s it for all of us,” Sisko advised.

“We might not have to,” Glover said, turning back to the main viewer. The Borg vessel was listing, venting plasma.

Sisko informed him, “The Borg ship’s shields have collapsed. It’s a sitting duck.”

“Employ the damping field and hail them,” Terrence said.

“Terrence, I think we should destroy them now, why we have the chance,” Sisko recommended. From his terminal’s readouts the captain saw a damping field, represented in baleful yellow, project from the deflector dish to envelop the cube.

“We need to know who is driving that boat,” Terrence rejoined. “Now, hail them.”

“Aye sir,” Sisko said tightly.

A few silent moments passed. Glover’s eyes never left the still Borg vessel, yet they narrowed nonetheless. “Benjamin, why haven’t you opened hailing frequencies?”

“Sir,” Sisko started, and then the main screen split between a view of the Borg and an oncoming Cardassian warship. The ship was thundering toward them. Even from this distance the red eye of its forward weapons array glowed menacingly. “The Prakesh has returned.”

“I wonder who their target is, the Borg or us?” Glover pondered.
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