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Re: Over.100 channels.and almost no scifi

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Yep, I have a big DVD collection, which I'm starting to get rid of, but I think "I'll start watching (Buffy/X-Files/DS9) and then I start and before I get through much of it I think "I want to watch (Farscape/Battlestar Galactica/Being Human) and it seems like I never get through anything any more because it's just too tempting to start something else.
I know the feeling.

I use to buy a lot of $5 blurays and $2/$3 dvd movies, and $10-$15 tv season sets. A lot of this ended up being stuff that "I think I'll watch someday on a rainy day".

With so many unwatched dvds/blurays on my bookshelves, I eventually got burned out on "collecting" it. I decided to stop regularly buying new movies and tv show season sets, back at the beginning of this year. It didn't make much sense anymore buying dvds/blurays that I only watch once, or didn't watch at all (ie. I'll watch it on a rainy day someday, sorta deal).
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