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Re: Dark Territory: Staring Into The Abyss

Thanks guys,

For reading and commenting. These are very strange Borg indeed. And I think you both are astute when it comes to the Cardassians.

************************************************** **************

Starship Cuffe
Main Bridge

“Evasive maneuvers!” Glover cried, more from habit than necessity. He quickly imparted instructions through his console and the starship darted out of the way of a beam of molten disruptor energy. The Cardassian ships were a little slower on the uptake. “Dukat, get away from that cube!”

“We are taking necessary defensive measures,” Dukat shot back, his overconfidence dampened by concern. The viewer shifted from Dukat’s no longer smirking visage to the emerging battle outside.

Both Cardassian warships started to break away from the pulsing cube, but the Hideki-class patrol ship was a fraction too late. As it broke left, exposing its underside, the scout ship sliced it in half, creating a violent, blinding explosion.

Despite the main viewer’s illumination regulators, Terrence threw up a hand over his eyes. When he removed it, he saw that the Prakesh had fled, at high impulse.

Behind him, he heard a loud grunt from Sisko. Ben wasn’t surprised. Though that piqued Glover’s curiosity about how much Benjamin new about the Cardassian, he had more pressing concerns to attend to at the moment. “Ben, I need you to convert one of the aft stations to handle operations!” As he yelled out the order, Terrence couldn’t help but look down at the prone Rasiinian, crumbled at the base of his damaged terminal.

“Got it,” Sisko said.

“And I want you to pick up on Tunepp’s work developing a subspace damping field,” the captain added.

“Terrence…Captain,” the station commander balked.

“Just do it,” Terrence snapped. “We need any and every weapon we can scrounge up if we are going to defeat that ship.”

“Aye. Sir,” Sisko’s reply was clipped and cold.

Though Glover knew he didn’t need to explain himself, he wanted to make one thing clear, “Disabling that ship is more the priority than destroying it,” he declared. “This isn’t just a random incursion.”

“No, it isn’t,” Sisko’s voice had thawed just a little.

“Looks like it’s just going to be the three of us, and Chief Hwang, against the Borg,” Glover declared.

“Our odds have just increased sir,” Dryer proudly declared. “Damage control teams are reporting in. We’ve got the secondary hull phasers and torpedo launcher back.”

“Nyota, I really could kiss you,” Glover grinned at her.

“Later,” She smiled back, prompting a questioning look from Sisko. Glover shrugged and just for a nanosecond, Benjamin’s knocking chuckle reminded him of the man he used to tear down Pelios Station with. What Terrence wouldn’t give to relive one of those jaunts now.

“Those rust buckets should’ve run when they had the chance,” Dryer promised.

“Like Gul Dukat?” Terrence couldn’t help quip. Sisko chortled again, this time the sound was flavored by dark humor.
************************************************** **************

Starship Cuffe
Main Bridge

The extra weapons the damage control team had been able to reactivate were proving to be life savers. Glover threw every maneuver he remembered, even from the Academy and his time serving in the Klingon Imperial Fleet, to keep his ship from bearing the brunt of the Borg barrage.

Still the ship was taking a pounding. “Modulated dispersal pattern, Sierra,” he ordered.

“Yes sir,” Lt. Dryer crisply responded. Normally the maneuver used five photon torpedoes fired simultaneously. They would spread out mid-flight and strike at multiple angles. Unfortunately they were only working with two launchers and two phaser emitters.

Nyota’s strikes were true, but robbed of their full destructiveness. The scout ship’s shields held.

“What’s the status of the damping field?” Glover barked.

“I have completed the calculations,” Sisko said brusquely. Terrence sometimes forgot how great an engineer Benjamin was.

“When we get those shields down, be ready to activate it.” The captain said.

“Aye,” Benjamin’s reply was stiff.

The bridge rattled as the Borg returned fire.

“Minimal damage sir,” Dryer called out, without Terrence’s prompt.

“Luck might just be a lady after all tonight,” Glover quipped.

“Excuse me sir?” Dryer asked.

“Guys and Dolls. Early 20th century Earth musical,” Terrence called back, “I guess they don’t teach ballroom dancing at the Academy anymore.”

“Or maybe Lt. Dryer just wasn’t taking courses where she expected potential paramours to be,” Sisko jabbed.

“Hey, you’ve never danced until you’ve Lindy Hopped with a ten-limbed Phyllosi,” Glover replied.

“I can only guess she was all hands sir,” chimed Dryer. The trio chuckled and it surprised Glover how they could even manage such a feat while still locked in mortal combat with the Borg. But the levity was a needed stress reliever, and it reminded Terrence of what he was fighting to maintain, the lives of his crew but also their humanity or respective sentience.

Another hard shot from the Borg brought his concentration fully back onto the task at hand. “We can’t take too many more like that one,” Chief Hwang called up from Engineering. “A few more like that and we’ll lose antimatter containment.”

“Got it,” Glover called. “Where are we at with warp power?”

“Still offline,” Hwang said, not sugar coating it, “I’m doing the best I can just trying to prevent a warp core breach.”

“Do what you can to maintain full impulse,” Glover replied. “And main power, and we’ll do the rest.”

“Yes sir,” Hwang replied.

“Fire another full spread, or our best approximation,” the captain ordered. Dryer unloosed the quiver. While the beams pelted off the scout ship’s shields, Glover jerked the ship forward toward the maelstrom.

“Hold on,” he said a second too late.

“Too late for that,” Sisko groused. There was a terrible rending noise as the Cuffe’s shields slammed into the Borg vessel’s, the ships being too close for either to attack.

“What are you doing Terrence?” Sisko asked. The captain didn’t answer. With clenched teeth, he ground Cuffe’s shields into the scout ship. The Borg ship started to reverse course, but Glover kept on them.

Now unmanned consoles across the bridge sparked anew and belched smoke. “Sir, what’s the game plan?” Dryer asked. “If you keep this up you’re going to cut us in half. We can’t penetrate their shields.”

“Not yet,” Glover said. “But if we add our shielding to theirs, we can create a graviton surge that will overwhelm their shield generator.”

“Great idea, wish you had run it by me first,” Sisko admonished.

“No time Ben, sometimes you just got to roll with a great idea,” Glover riposted.

“Graviton build up occurring,” Sisko informed them. “Soon it will reach critical levels, for them and us both.”

“The feedback might not be something we can withstand,” Dryer pointed out.

“And I doubt they could either,” the captain replied. “In fact I’m counting on that.”

“I don’t follow sir,” Dryer admitted.

“Just be ready to fire secondary hull phasers and torpedoes at this location, on my mark,” Glover said, transmitting the information to the tactical officer.

“Alright sir,” Dryer said. A steady klaxon whooped and the ship’s computer droned a warning about the increased graviton buildup.

“What are you up to Terrence?” Sisko asked.

“Just monitor the Borg’s shield power distribution,” Glover ordered.

“Ah,” Sisko said after a moment. “The Borg vessel is diverting power away from their forward shielding. They are trying to prevent the graviton surge.”

“Is their shielding weak enough to punch through?” Glover asked.

“I don’t know,” Sisko answered.

“Me either,” Dryer added.

“Well, we’re just going to have to find out,” Glover declared. The computer voice had begun a sterile countdown as the klaxons blared more urgently.

“Disengaging,” Glover announced, “Now.” The ship backed off. The Borg’s shielding roiled, exposing seams. “Fire, Nyota, fire!”
************************************************** *************
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