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Re: Over.100 channels.and almost no scifi

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One of the things I'm finding a problem with Netflix is that there is just too much I want to watch and more being added. So I usually end up watching rubbish because I don't want to get in to something I don't have time to finish.
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Seriously, there's so much on TV these days that just keeping up with it can be challenge. At the moment, I'm two episodes behind on both TEEN WOLF and CONTINUUM and I typically have at least two or three old genre movies sitting on my DVR waiting to be viewed.

For example, I still haven't gotten around to watching THE SEVEN FACES OF DR. LAO, which I taped a few weeks ago, because I've been too busy binge-watching BIG BANG THEORY reruns on TBS . . .
This sort of thing happens too when one owns a large dvd/bluray collection (independent of having a cable/satellite/streaming service).

Over the last several years I accumulated a large collection of tv show dvd season sets. (Mostly stuff found in bargain bins under $15). Even without watching a lot of current first run tv shows, I've been slowly making my way through these dvd season sets. By my own estimates, I believe I have only watched through around 25% or 30% of my dvd collection. (It usually takes me around a week or so to finish a season of 20+ episodes on dvd, if I watch 3 or 4 episodes every evening).
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