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Re: So Bajor made one of it's moons uninhabitable for some energy

It might also be that the technology is so strategically important that only a select few allies ever receive it, and only when sufficient supervision (or sheer operating expertise) can be provided as well. Not because it'd be scarce, but because it cannot be allowed to leak to the enemy (such as in "For the Cause").

We know the Maquis have food replicators aplenty; they are mentioned in "Preemptive Strike". They also have engineers of high quality, and even Klingon Imperial Intelligence agents can tune up a food replicator... Yet they cannot replicate torpedo warheads (or the Cardassian framing attempt of "Tribunal" wouldn't have made sense) let alone complete armed fightercraft (a plot point in "The Maquis"). So industrial replicators apparently represent a major leap in capabilities, not merely in terms of quantity but of quality as well.

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