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Re: Over.100 channels.and almost no scifi

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So I have a ton of channels and despite having a syfy channel there I 1 channel.showing Tos one time a week; Tnt on one channel. The other treks never on. TAS..never.. No battlestar galactica..either version Babylon farscape..minimal twilight zone other than new years outerlimits..original..the one on showtime at times.. no planet if the apes tv show or cartoon..

Is it a lack of ratings? Too expensive? An attempt to sell.Dvds? The serialized nature of b5? The dated look?
As mentioned by others, the shows you're interested in are simply old now, and don't get play on mainstream tv stations or basic cable networks that aren't specifically targeting a particular genre. Non genre shows made during those same eras are also by passed. Why, even TV Land, which was created to feature classic tv, now has a schedule filled with more modern era series and even produces originals.

While there is plenty of genre tv airing now, overtly, unabashedly, ''science fiction'' shows have lost ground to genre lite and fantasy based series. Orphan Black, Fringe, Falling Skies, Defiance, Continuum, Doctor Who, Primeval New World. That's it.
''Genre Lite & Action''-Arrow, Revolution, Under the Dome, Person of Interest, Nikita, the canceled Alphas...
''Fantasy/Horror''-The Walking Dead, Supernatural. Grimm, Vampire Diaries, Once Upon a Time, Beauty & the Beast, Lost Girl, Being Human US & UK, American Horror Story, Warehouse 13, Haven, the cancelled Eureka, Sanctuary, & Sinbad, Netflix' Hemlock Grove.

Recent shows that have ended (or long running and still in production) whose reruns get regular play include TNT airings of Charmed-2 hrs daily, SPN-3 hrs daily. Syfy still airs TNG (as does BBC America), and SG1 with MGM owned THIS TV also running it. BBC America runs nuWho 2 hrs during the weekdays, and alternates it with BSG.
The Chiller channel-sister of Syfy, has Buffy. (I don't get that channel, so I don't know what else they might run). Finally, there's the superhero and fantasy animated shows on Cartoon Network, Nick, Disney XD and The Hub.
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