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Re: "Iron Man 3" Review and Discussion Thread (spoilers)

The wait is finally over: my review is up at The Gaith Review! A preview:
Iron Man 3 just might be the best MCU flick to date. Yes, even better than IM2, my prior favorite. (Disclaimer: I unapologetically love IM2, despite its very minor and easily-overlooked flaws.) Granted, this may be the MCU installment in which all sense of believability goes out the window, down a manhole, and tumbling into a bottomless pit towards the Earth's core. Sure, we've had plenty of outlandish stuff in the series before, but individual components of a Stark suit flying hundreds of miles under their own power requires not just a suspension but an annihilation of disbelief.

And yet... I'm okay with that. When Thor and Cap came out in the same summer of '11, I wasn't crazy about either of their aesthetics - I wished at the time they'd gone with a less sci-fi-looking Asgardian society than one the ancient Vikings themselves would have imagined, and I was a bit disappointed to see full-on laser guns, massive tanks and HYDRA rather than a more conventional, grittier Indiana Jones vs. Nazis-style flick. The first three MCU movies had mostly stuck to a more or less realistic "real world" - as real as a comic-book movie saga can be, that is - and the Thor and Cap one-two punch inaugurated the series' new direction, which The Avengers subsequently cemented. Yes, the individual suit components flying from Tennessee to Florida is absurd, but so is a frickin' flying aircraft carrier. As Killian so aptly notes, in the wake of that movie, subtlety is clearly gone for good: this is a cartoon fantasy series now, no more grounded in the real, contemporary world than Star Trek, with its magic transporters and humanoid aliens ostensibly speaking through a universal translater, but moving mouths as if they're speaking English. These are the terms; all we can plausibly ask for now is that they tell compelling and engaging stories.
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